A Memory Worth Reminiscing

It’s him!

It’s a party. The lights were naturally dim and the place crowded. All it took was a glimpse at him and a memory went rushing back.

He used to hitched in our ride.

She doesn’t mind hitching. In fact, hitchers literally bring passengers closer and they break the monotony through their tidbits of interestingly fresh issues from their respective departments. She took notice of him this particular eve with his masculine aura though he seemed indifferent to everyone. His silence disturbed her. Noisy and nosy as she may be, acting as TV talk show host and interviewing people riding with her, she couldn’t get through him ‘coz he got his headphones on and his gaze outside the window. It’s pathetic really that she discretely tried to vie for his attention. So she just quit it.

He hitched again.

Yes, he’s uncannily good-looking, she admitted to herself. His messed-up hair works for him. His scent captivating. But he’s just too quiet! Sitting on the same spot, he had his headphones on and his gaze outside. Again.

He’s not wearing his headphones this time but she’s sure it’s him. He laughed with everyone and sometimes acted folly. He trotted from one group to another and gave them shots. Alcohol could indeed loosen the tongue and free the spirit! She enjoyed watching him let go.

She mustered her courage and came over the table where he’s in. She chattered her way to the group, gave them a laugh or two, and she won their hearts. “A drink?” he suddenly asked her. Abashed and caught off guard, she obliged. She started a conversation with him and they talked thereafter. They’re basically strangers but they’re talking like old friends now!

On the spur of the moment, she asked him, “why do you always stare outside the window?”

“To gaze at your reflection,” he said.

And the rest is history.


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